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Address Book Overview

This article will review how to maneuver your iCoreExchange Address Book.

The Address Book button, located in the upper right hand corner, is where you can manage all of your contacts.

Address Book Address Book

This article will review:

How to Create a Contact

Personal Addresses are where you’re able to save your most frequently used contacts.

1. Click on Address Book

2. Select the group Personal Addresses

3. In the column labeled ‘Contacts‘ click the + button

4. Fill out the properties information in the Add Contact window

5. You can choose to add Personal Information and Notes for the contact

6. Click Save to add the new contact

7. They will now appear as a contact in your Personal Addresses

How to Delete a Contact

1. Click on Address Book

2. Select the group Personal Addresses

3. Select the contact you would like to delete from the Contacts column

4. Click the Trash Can icon at the bottom of the list

5. Select OK from the pop up

The contact has now been deleted.

How to Import Contacts

If you want to import contacts from a pre-existing email, there is an import button on the top left-hand corner of your Personal Addresses.

1. Click on Address Book

2. Click the Import button in the upper left hand corner

3. Click Browse to choose your file

4. Navigate to the .CSV or vCard file containing your saved email contacts

5. Click the Import

6. Click Done

7. Your new contacts will now be listed

If you need assistance with importing your contacts, please contact the Support Team HERE or dial 888-810-7706.

How to Create Groups

1. Click on Address Book

2. Select Personal Addresses from the Groups column

3. Select the + at the bottom of the Groups column

4. Type in a Name for the group, click Save

5. The new group has been created

6. You can add contacts to the new group by clicking and dragging contacts from your personal addresses to the group, or you can add to the group by selecting the group, then clicking the + under the Contacts column

7. Click the Gear icon located at the bottom of the group column to Rename or Delete the group

How to Search Global Addresses

You can instantly search for contacts in the Global Address Book for providers by name, geography, specialty, and other searchable attributes.

1. Click on Address Book

2. Click on Global Addresses in the Groups Column to view other iCoreExchange users

3. In the upper right hand corner, type in the search box the criteria you are looking for (practice name, city, state, etc.)

4. Click Enter

5. The results from your search will show up under the Contacts column

6. Click on the names to view more information

7. If you wish to compose an email with any of the global users simply click on their email

How to Set Up User Contact Properties

Add your picture or Practice Logo for others to see in the Address Book and Direct Mail

1. Click on Address Book

2. Use the Search Bar in the upper right corner to look up your name

3. Select your name from the Contacts column

4. Click the Edit Contact button in the upper right hand corner

5. Edit any information you would like under Properties, Personal Information, and Notes

6. Change your picture by clicking on the (+) Add button under the photo area

7. Click Save to update your changes

Note: You will only be able to update your own contact properties.

Updated on August 9, 2022

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