How to Prescribe Using Failover Rx for Fully Integrated Sites

This article will take an in-depth look at how to use the Failover Rx feature. This feature is a valuable tool for emergencies or time-sensitive prescriptions. There are several reasons you may want or need to use the Failover Rx feature:

Using the Feature While the Connection is Lost

If the connection between the site and your practice management software is lost, you will see the Failover Rx screen after logging in. This is a fail-safe tool to use in case your practice management server is down. The tool is frequently used after hours when servers are off or when there is a power outage.   

When you receive this failover screen follow the instructions below:

Huddle Error

1. Fill out the requested fields for the patient you would like to prescribe for.

All fields are required to electronically submit a prescription.

2. Select Add Patient and Send Rx to begin writing a prescription.

Quick Tip:
Do not use special characters when entering the name of the patient.

Using the Feature While Logged into the Huddle Site

You can use the Failover Rx feature at any time once logged in. This feature allows you to prescribe for a patient if they have not yet synced over from your EHR, or if there is an error in the patient’s synced information.

1. Select your username in the top right corner

2. Select Failover Rx.

3. Fill in the Patient’s Demographics

4. Click Add Patient and Send Rx

The Compose Rx tab will open with the created patient.

Additional Help: Staging Prescriptions Using Failover Rx

Staff members can stage the prescriptions using Failover Rx. Doing this allows the doctor the freedom to locate the patient and transmit the prescription later. This will allow for continued workflow of staff staging the prescriptions and the providers transmitting them at their convenience.

1. Select your username in the top right corner.

2. Select Failover Rx.

3. Fill in the Patient’s Demographics.

4. Click Add Patient and Send Rx to open the Compose Rx tab.

5. Stage the prescription for the patient and leave it for the doctor to review.

NOTE: The doctor will then need to locate the patient you’ve entered using the Failover Rx feature to transmit the prescription (see instructions in the next section below).

Locating a Patient Already Entered Using Failover Rx

As a provider, you can search for a patient that has been added to Failover Rx.

1. Access the Failover Rx screen

2. Click on the Search Patients button

3. Type the patient’s name into the Search Patients field

4. Select the Magnifying Glass icon to search for the Patient.

The patient has now been selected and you can select your desired action

Quick Tip:
The actions you have available are: Edit, Remove, or Send Rx.

Updated on November 8, 2022

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