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How to Access Lexicomp

This article will show you how to access Lexicomp on your e-Prescribing site.

NOTE: Access to Lexicomp requires a Comprehensive Subscription Plan.

1. Click the Magnifying Glass on the right side of the prescription.

2. Click the blue Monograph link.

The Lexicomp website will open and the monograph window will display information about the selected drug.

The information found in the monograph includes but is not limited to information about the selected drug, adult and pediatric dosing, use of selected drug, warnings & precautions, adverse reactions, interactions, dental information, and patient education materials.

Overview of Monograph Outline

Inside a specific drug monograph window, you can use the left menu to navigate to specific information about the drug you have selected.

  • Dosages: View Adult dosing and Pediatric Dosing recommendations
  • Uses: View Drug Uses
  • Warnings & Precautions: Review Contraindications, Warnings & Precautions
  • Adverse Reactions: Review Adverse Reactions, Allergy and Idiosyncratic Reactions
  • Interactions: Review Drug Interactions

If applicable, further down you will find dental specific information:

  • Review Dental Use
  • Review Dental Dosing

Overview of Monograph Tabs

In addition to the information provided through the Monograph outline, access to images of dosage forms, adult patient education material and pediatric education material is available through the tabs across the top of the monograph window.

  • View Images of Dental forms
  • View and Print Adult and Pediatric Patient Education Materials
  • Search Lexicomp by Drug Name

Updated on August 10, 2022

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