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How to Reply to a Secure Email V6

If a practice or patient needs to send a response or additional information to your practice. They can create their own username to log into the secure email portal and compose their response.

The following steps show how a practice or patient would reply to your HIPAA compliant secure email.

1. Click View Secured Message on your HIPAA compliant email.

2. To access your secure email, enter your full name and create an account password.

3. Create Password Reset Security Questions.

4. Select Create Account once completed.

5. In your secure inbox, select Secure Reply.

6. Select Add File Attachments.

7. Select the image you would like to add to the secure email.

8. Enter your desired reply.

9. Select Send Secure Message.

The secure message has been successfully sent.

Updated on September 11, 2023

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