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iCoreExchange Main Page Overview

The following article will review the main page on iCoreExhange.

iCoreExchange was specifically designed to closely resemble other email clients to minimize your learning time. Every control you would expect to find using other email platforms will be available.

The main iCoreExchange window is comprised of 5 sections:

Identity Bar

The Identity Bar displays the current email account you are accessing. You will be able to select alternate email accounts you added to your iCoreExchange. Once added you can choose from a drop-down list. The labels in the drop-down list are preset and can be customized.

Modules Bar

The modules bar is where you can access the 5 main modules:

  • Mail is the default selection where you can check your inbox.

To learn more about the Common Mail Functions, please click HERE.

  • Address Book allows you to import and export contacts. Also access the Global Contacts list for iCoreExchange.

To learn more about the Address Book, please click HERE.

  • Calendar has all of the features found in other widely used calendar applications.

To learn more about the Calendar, please click HERE.

  • Help contains User Guides and Videos to assist with iCoreExchange training.
  • Settings allows you to customize iCoreExchange to suit your needs including adding personal email accounts, creating signature lines and settings for composing emails.

To learn more about Settings, please click any of the below articles:

Mail Functions Bar

The mail functions bar includes the most commonly used functions that include Compose, Refresh, Reply, Forward and Delete. The search bar is also available on the far right hand side for searching through all of your email.

Mailbox Pane

The Mailbox Pane is the standard pane with folders such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Junk, Trash, Sent and Spam. If you create any private folders, they will also appear here.

Main Mail Pane

The Main Mail Pane is divided into two sections.

  • The Left section displays the subject lines of the mail received as well as any additional information.
  • The Right section displays the content of the email that is selected.

Updated on November 6, 2023

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