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Quick Steps to Send a Prescription (CareStack)

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1. Login to CareStack.

2. Select the Patient.

3. Click on +Presc. button.

4. Enter the Drug Name in the text field located to the left of the blue Drug Search button.

Search Tip:
Use the generic drug name and not the brand name
Example: Type in Acetaminophen instead of Tylenol

5. Select the down arrow next to the drug name to open your Drug Form Options.

6. Select the dosage amount and form for the desired drug.

7. Complete the electronic prescription pad from left to right:

  • Quantity = Dosage (how many the patient should take at one time)
  • Select the Frequency
  • Dispense = Total amount to dispense (place inside bottle)
Search Tip:
Optional: Check the box “Add to Favorites” to add the prescription to your doctor’s “favorite” list.

8. Click the blue Prescribe button in the upper right-hand corner of the prescription pad.

9. Select a Pharmacy before transmitting

  • Option 1: Choose a pharmacy from your saved location list
  • Option 2: Search for a pharmacy using the blue Search button
Search Tip:
Use 1-2 feilds in your Pharmacy search. You will get the best results using the Zip Code or City State.

10. Select the blue Transmit button.

  • Confirm you see the script with “VOID” watermarks, this means the Pharmacy has received the prescription.
  • If prescribing a Controlled Substance:

    • Enter the 4-Digit Pin created during EPCS
    • Click the Enter Pin button
    • Enter the 6-digit passcode obtained from either your Authy cellphone app or Hardware Token
    • Once the code has been entered click Sign & Transmit Rx to send the controlled substance
    • Confirm you see the script with “VOID” watermarks, this means the pharmacy has received the prescription.

Updated on January 24, 2024

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