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Viewing iCoreRx on iPhone for Semi Integrated Sites (Standalone)

This article will provide instructions to improve the iCoreRx viewing experience on an iPhone or iPad device.

How to adjust phone settings:

To adjust Safari internet browser settings:

1. Open the Settings app and select Safari

2. Disable the following settings:

Block Pop-Ups

Block All Cookies

Prevent Cross-Site Tracking

3. Select Clear History and Website Data, then click Clear History and Website Data

Quick Tip:
Make sure that the settings are switched from Green to White

After adjusting these settings, log into your iCoreRx website from the very start for the changes to take effect.

If you need assistance on how to login to your iCoreRx site, please click HERE.

Tips for Viewing the e-Prescribing Site

Quick Tip:
It is recommended that you rotate your phone and view the site in Landscape Mode

Once you log in to your iCoreRx site, you may need to zoom out to view all panels without overlapping

To zoom out on Safari:

1. Tap on the AA icon in the address bar

2. Tap the smaller A to zoom the page down, 50% works for most iPhones

You may want to adjust a few settings to make your view a bit larger:

1. Rotate your phone to Landscape view

2. Select the green button with 3 lines to minimize the left menu

You are now ready to search for your medication and write your prescription

Updated on August 8, 2022

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