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How to Compose and Transmit a Prescription

This article will walk you through step-by-step and explain how to:

If you would like more detailed instruction on how to login to your site and select a patient, please refer to the articles below:

Quick Reference for Fully Integrated Sites

Quick Reference for Semi Integrated Sites

Compose a Prescription

There are three steps to composing a prescription:

1. Add Medication

There are 3 ways to select the desired medication.

Search for Drug Name

1. Type the drug name in the Drug Search field.

2. Click the green Drug Search button.

3. Select the grey box with desired Drug Name and Form.

4. Fill out the Prescription Pad.

See instructions on how to fill out the the Prescription Pad below.

Select Medication from Doctor’s (Favorite’s) List

1. Click the Doctor’s List button

2. Select the grey box with desired Drug Name and Form.

The prescription is now in the patient’s Pending Rx list.

Select Medication from Drug Set and Compounds List

1. Click the Drug Sets/Compounds button

2. Click the Select link next to the desired drug set/compound

3. Select checkbox for specific drug(s) and click Prescribe

Or click the Prescribe All button to include all listed drugs

The Selected Drug(s) are now in the patient’s Pending Rx list.

If you would like more detailed instruction on how to Managing Drug Sets/Compound, please refer to the article below:

Managing Drug Sets/Compound List

2. Complete Electronic Prescription Pad

Complete the Electronic Prescription Pad from left to right.

1. Select Dosage Quantity

Check PRN checkbox if prescribing a Controlled Substance

2. Select Frequency

3. Enter a Dispense Quantity

4. Select the Save Sig to Doctor’s List checkbox

5. Enter Additional Sig and Pharmacist Message if applicable

Additional Sig Quick Tip:
Add additional instructions to label.

Example: Take until gone

Re-write a Prescription for Premeds or Custom Prescriptions.

Example: Take 4 caps 1 hr prior to dental appointment

6. Click Save Rx once completed

The prescription is now in the patient’s Pending Rx list.

3. Add Patient Pharmacy

If the patient already has a pharmacy you may skip this step and continue to Transmit a Prescription.

1. On the Pt. Details tab, click Modify List

2. Use search fields to locate a pharmacy

3. Select the desired pharmacy and click Save Changes

The selected pharmacy is now added to the Patient Pharmacy List.

Transmit a Prescription

1. Click blue “Transmit/Prescribe” button above drug name.

2. On the Transmit page, please follow the below steps to transmit either:

a. Non-controlled substance prescription

b. Controlled substance prescription

a. Transmit a Non-Controlled Substance Prescription

1. Confirm the selected Pharmacy at the bottom of the page

2. Click the Transmit Rx/Add to Record button

The Transmission Receipt confirms that the prescription has been sent to the pharmacy.

b. Transmit a Controlled Substance Prescription

1. Enter 4-digit pin number and click the green Validate Pin button.

2. Select a device to use to Sign Rx: Hardware Token or Authy Phone App.

Hardware token: Enter 6-digit, one-time passcode (click button on hardware token for digits to appear) and click green Sign Rx button.

Authy Phone App: Click the green Send Push Notification to Approve button, click the notification on your phone, and then click “Approve“.

3. Verify you see the VOID watermarks on the Transmission Receipt

4. Click the Compose Rx tab

The newly transmitted Rx will be listed under Current Medications

Enter 4-digit PIN
Enter 6-digit Passcode from Hardware Token or Authy App

Updated on July 8, 2024

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